Leo III Intercode Demonstration Package

The package was sent out with this e-mail message:
Thank you for your email requesting a copy of the Intercode Demo Package.
Attached to this email is a zip file containing the software and instructions for its use. Please read through this email before extracting from the zip file.
There are two stages to go through to run the demonstration and a third should you wish to have a go at writing your own program(s).

Stage 1 Extract files from zip
The objective is to set up a folder called LEO_SW on your Windows PC or Laptop containing all the files you require for the demo.
You should create the LEO_SW folder within your Documents folder associated with your Windows log on. Then extract all the flies from the zip and put them in the LEO_SW folder. There should be 13 of them starting with one named cygwin1.dll.
Some virus protection software and email packages are protective about downloading zip files and may ask for confirmation that you are willing to carry on. If your protection forbids the use of zip files, please re-apply for the package stating the problem and we will send the zip file with a different file type.

Stage 2 Run the Demo
Having downloaded the zipped files, read the PayProgGuide.pdf file for full instructions on how to run the demo. This includes running the authentic Intercode Translator and then running the machine code produced by the translator.

Stage 3 Write, Translate and Run your own program.
We hope that seeing the demo will encourage you to write some Intercode of your own. We have also included in the package the IC_UserGuide.pdf file which is a comprehensive guide to how to use the same software as used for the demo, in order to write and test your own Intercode. Access to the original LEO Intercode Manuals is available if you need to refresh your memory of Intercode.
In the old days, programmers were lucky if they had one turn round per day for amending and testing. With this software, you can have as many turnrounds as you wish, and no more waiting for the data prep department to punch your data.
With the Covid-19 lock down, now is a good time to re-kindle your interest in Intercode.
If you really get stuck, email us on intercode@leo-computer.org.uk, and we will try to help, but it may take a few days to respond.

Ray Smith & Ken Kemp
You can download the package that was attached here.