Concise Intercode Instruction Set

0Select35Prepare For Digit Collation
1Add36Collate and Add
2Subtract37Replace Selected Bits
3Copy 38Round Off
4Augment39Round Up
5Transfer40Open File
6Multiply41Close File
7Multiply and Add42Input
8Multiply and Subtract43Output
9Divide44Set/Select Reel Counter
10Select Literal45Rewind
11Add Literal46Run Back
12Subtract Literal47Run On
16Multiply Literal48Step Back
17Multiply Literal and Add49Step Forward
19Divide Literal50Unpack Fixed Field Data
20Select Floating Point51Unpack Variable Field Data
21Add Floating Point52Edit
22Subtract Floating Point53Condense
23Copy Floating Point54Bulk Clear
24Augment Floating Point55Bulk Copy
25Transfer Floating Point56Table Lookup
26Multiply Floating Point57Merge Constant Length Items
29Divide Floating Point58Merge Variable Length Items
30Shift (A) by Quartets59Set Modification Register for Merge
31Shift (A) by Bits60Set Decimal Radix
32Shift (AB) by Quartets61Set Sterling Radix
33Shift (AB) by Bits62Set Excess Constants
34Set (N) In B63Convert Decimal to Sterling
64Convert Sterling to Decimal93Set (N) as Modifier
65Convert94Step On and Test Modification Register (Literal)
66Set Up for Significant Digit F Point Arithmetic95Select Modification Register
67Set Up for Normalised Floating Point Arithmetic96Select Modifier
70Jump If A = 097Step On and Test Modification Register
71Jump If A ≠ 098Add Modification Register To A
72Jump If A ≥ 099Subtract Modification Register From A
73Jump If A < 0140Clear AB
74Jump If AB = 0141Double Length Add
75Jump If AB ≠ 0142Double Length Subtract
76Jump Unconditional143Double Length Copy
77Jump If A* = 0145Double Length Transfer
78Jump If A* ≠ 0146Double Length Multiply
79Jump If A* ≥ 0147Double Length Multiply and Add
80Enter Subroutine148Double Length Multiply and Subtract
81Start of Subroutine150Offer Options
82End of Subroutine / Leave Subroutine151Unload Programme
83Set Switch(es) at Literal Value152Overlay
84Set Switch(es) at Variable Value153Select Date to A, Time to B
85Switch R154Comment in Log
86Select Switch R155Select Program Serial to A
87Switch According To N156Release Route(s) Allocated to File B
90Set Modification Register at Literal157Expand
91Set Modification Register at Variable158Compare
92Set Modifier at Variable