On-line Leo III User Manuals

Volume I - Computer Facilities

Cross reference (Appendix B from Volume I)

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Volume I - Contents to §3 499039
Volume I - §4 to §6 1034242
Volume I - §7 to §15 2124402
Volume I - §16 to §17 1154937
Volume I - Appendices A to F 1263296
Volume I - Auxiliary Equipment 877630

Volume II - CLEO

The listing of the CLEO compiler did not survive the house clearance, and we have not scanned the manual, preferring to deal with those sections for which we have the software. This may have been a mistake.
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Volume III - Intercode

on-line cross reference for Intercode actions,

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Volume III - Contents to §5 1708739
Volume III - §6 to §17 1523071
Volume III - Appendices A to C 531903
Volume III Translator - Contents to Appendix E 1579846
Volume III Translator - Appendices F to J 324791

Volume IV - Standard Programmes (esp Master Routine)

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Volume IV - Part 1 Master Programme Specification
Volume IV - Part 2 Intercode Programme Trials System
Volume IV - Part 3 Associated Programmes

Volume V - extracts

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Volume V - §3_12-
Volume V - §3_12.6-App_G