This directory contains a scan of text purported to be the Kidsgrove ALGOL Compiler for the KDF9. The original listing was made in Australia, and brought to the University of Colorado in 1967 by Malcolm C. Newey. When Mal left Colorado to pursue a PhD at Stanford, he gave the listing to me. In 2015, I got an email from Brian Wichmann asking whether I had any KDF9 Usercode programs. I mentioned the listing, and we debated various mechanisms for getting the code transferred. I scanned some of the listing to both JPEG and PDF, and tried to do OCR with Tesseract. That was unsuccessful. We decided to simply scan the listing to PDF and transfer the resulting files. The listing consists of 13 separately-bound sections, each a single Usercode file. The paper on which the listing was printed bears consecutive sheet numbers in the upper right-hand corner. The sheets for all of the files are consecutive, and the numbers run from 269225 to 269431. I scanned each section separately into a distinct PDF file whose name is the first five characters of the Usercode file name. Each file name is of the form KABdd, where dd is a pair of decimal digits. Mal also provided a Table of Contents for the listing, stated in terms of the two digits dd. I cannot verify the correctness of this table, which I have copied carefully from a handwritten sheet: 00 Post System - Panacea 01 Kalgol Set Up Declaration List etc. 02 Kalgol Update Codes 10 Fortran Compiler 20 Kalgol Procedure Classification 22 Kalgol Storage Allocation 24 Kalgol Print Level Parameters 40 Kalgol Brick 40 Interim 41 For Statement + subscript optimization 42 Kalgol Tidy Up after optimizer 45 Kalgol For Statement Conversion 46 Kalgol optimizing For stmt converter 60 Kalgol Translator 95 Kalgol Terminating + Post Mortem Brick 99 Kalgol Terminating Brick - Outside Post Notice that there are two items (10 and 20) that do not corrsepond to sections of the listing. There are no gaps in the sheet numbers on the files, and there are no such files listed. I cannot say what the story is about those two entries. William M. Waite Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, Colorado 80309-0425 USA