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Software Preservation — consolidation

This is the beginnings of attempts to consolidate the software that has been rescued and embedded in an environment enabling execution, access to original documentation and annotated original source text.
Please report any broken links.

Downloadable system

This is a package the downloads a webserver system to run on your own computer. It provides some of the facilities that run on this server, but implemented on your own machine. Here is a link to the installation page.


Here is a link to the Leo III emulation facilities.

ICL 1900

Extensive facilities are available elsewhere....
This server hosts a small demonstration of the ALGOL68-R system.


Facilities for Algol and assemblers are still undergoing some auditing and may contain some broken links,
but the current state can be seen here.

Elliott 903

Facilities for running Elliot 903 software will be linked here soon.