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N.B. You must not include a KDF9-style program job name as the first line -- start with 'begin'.

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Diagnostic output from the emulation is here.

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If things go badly wrong (e.g. no output), you can look at the directory listing from which you can look at any file involved in your run.

Typing Algol60 in the 21st century

Algol60 programs intended for input to Walgol are typed with the following conventions:
typescriptKDF9 Algolofficial Algol60
'begin' etcbeginbegin
%÷÷ integer divide
*×× multiply
_ underline for space in a string (i.e. a * in KDF9 paper tape code)
| for end message (vertical bar)
{} curly brackets for underlined square ones (Algol60 string quotes).

Click here for more information on KDF9 character sets.

What should happen

Here is an example which you can copy and paste:

   writetext(30, {Hello {s} World!});

You will get a page showing your program as it would have looked on a KDF9 Flexowriter, which has a link at the top to show the output, which will look like:

RAN/EL/000M01S/000M01S  SIZE     11


It took a while to find out how to do the space, and where did the exclamation mark go? It is not an Algol Basic Symbol, and all such symbols get printed as asterisk. It is all in upper case because KDF9 printers did not do lowercase - nor exclamation marks.