KDF9 Service Routine Library Manual

It may well be that I (DH) own the only surviving copy of this manual, which comes in 4 loose-leaf volumes. I have decided to scan it on my flat-bed scanner to avoid page wrecks, one valume at a time. I have also scanned some strategic sections for the Kidsgrove Algol project.

The links on the webpage are to scanned pages, but experiments with OCR are in train to produce proper searchable HTML manuals, and they can be seen here.
An earlier presentation of this manual can be seen here.

Start of volume 1

The Service routine Library System

Section 1  Facilities of the System and General Guide to the Manual
Section 2  Library Enquiry System
Section 3  Cross References: Program no/Title/Section
Section 6  Program Assembly Schemes (disc)
Section 7  Program Assembly Schemes
Section 8  Program Testing Aids
Section 9  Program Library Schemes (maintenance)
Section 10 Directors
Section 11 Generalized Sorting and Merging
Section 12 Report Program Generators
Section 13 Language Suites
Section 14 Mathematical and Management Science
Section 16: Magnetic Tape Handline Routines
Section 17: Data Editing Routines
Section 18: Microprogram Routines
Section 19: Standard Commercial Routines
Section 20: Input/Output Subroutines
Section 21: Mathematical Subroutines and Programs
Section 22: Standards Conventions and Terminology
The following sections have not been scanned
Section 4  Contents of the NINEMASTER
Section 5  Amendments to the Manual
Section 15: File Processing Routines (Conversion and Copying)
Section 23: The Contributed Library