Elliott 903 Paper Tape Execution

On a 903, programs were read from paper tape.
N.B.Tentative proof-of-concept version.

This web page allows you to load a paper tape into the reader, and then jump to your chosen address in the store.
Initial orders at location 8181 allow the loading of a binary program into the store.

1. Paper tape will be read from the window below
2. Paper tape will be read from the file previously uploaded (see below)
3. Paper tape will be read from a system file
16K Algol system
16K FORTRAN system
  Paper tape output will be written to the file:
Type in your paper tape data (normal ASCII characters) here for option 1:

Entry point: 8181 for inital orders, 8 for simple Algol compilation
If the entry point is >8000, the store will be cleared
  Switches for the emulation expert use only

Uploading your own paper tape for option 2.
File to upload:       

Click here for a directory listing